LIPROTEC-D - Schlüter-Systems
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Mirrors and decorative elements – frame them!

Decorative attachment profile for wall areas, made of anodised aluminium with a visible area of 6 mm. The profile enables the insertion of various decorative materials such as glass or mirrors to adjoin ceramic tile coverings. Schlüter-LIPROTEC-D is available in 4 heights.

Beautiful and flexible for all wall related design elements. The perfect frame for mirrors, pictures, borders and decorative elements made of glass, mirror and wood.

Available length:
2.50 m

Available heights: 
 4.5 mm
 7.5 mm
 9.0 mm
16.5 mm

Selection of profile height:
5 mm must be added for the height of the LED strip LT ES 51 or LT ES 61. The LT D 45 AE profile with an intake height of 4.5 mm is recommended for inserting non-illuminated decorative materials.