LIPROTEC-VB - Schlüter-Systems
Schlüter®-LIPROTEC-VB: Cove lighting Schlüter®-LIPROTEC-VB: Voutenbeleuchtung neben der Badewanne Schlüter®-LIPROTEC-VB Schlüter®-LIPROTEC-VB

Cove lighting – light from within the tile!

A profile that illuminates adjoining wall spaces from "within the tile". Tile finishing profile with a visible area of 25 mm. Schlüter-LIPROTEC-VB is available in 4 tile thicknesses: 8, 10, 11, and 12.5 mm.

Perfect for cove lighting and skirting.

Wherever you want to illuminate the space between wall and ceiling or between wall and floor. Also suitable for skirting illumination. The profile's light emission is a perfect fit for lighting situations in restaurants, cafes and other locations where illumination is a comfort factor.

Available length:
2.50 m

Available heights:
  8.0 mm
10.0 mm
11.0 mm
12.5 mm

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