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Highlight storage space and shelving with lighting

Illuminated wall niches

Niches in tiled walls offer many advantages. Sealed on all sides, they serve as convenient and easy-to-clean home storage areas in bathrooms, showers and kitchens. A bathroom with illuminated niches and a bathtub that appears to float above the floor becomes a wellness oasis. A back-lit niche for storing beverages, combined with illuminated wall panels, turns part of the living space into a home bar. Multi-purpose rooms can be adapted to their current function with colourful lighting: while bright white light turns the kitchen into a workspace, warm colours are a perfect fit for entertaining.

In commercial properties, intelligently placed and individually illuminated wall niches can artfully draw attention to your products or exhibits. This effect can be further defined with lines of light. Neutral/cool white lighting reinforces the high-quality, clean appearance of rooms, while warm white has a more relaxing, and softer effect. Just as you need it.

Schlüter-Systems has taken special steps to let you focus fully on the effects of your illuminated niches: the pre-fabricated plug & play wall niches Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-NLT are supplied with full waterproofing and LED lights. Select from a variety of sets with warm white, neutral/cool white or coloured with white illumination, which are suitable for use in dry and wet spaces as they conform to IP67. You only have to install the tiles.

At a glance:

  • Shower, home bar, displays - use storage as design elements
  • Ready-to-use and waterproof plug & play niche sets
  • LED illumination either on the long or the short sides of the niche
  • Chose placement of the LED: front, centre or back
  • Schlüter®-KERDI-BOARD-NLT


    Pre-fabricated installation components made of KERDI-BOARD with LIPROTEC LED technology in plug & play design for creating illuminated niches and shelves for wall areas of all kinds.

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