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Light up your mood

Lighting helps us to feel more energetic and lifts our mood. It is a known fact that lighting has a direct impact on our brain and our hormone balance via the retina in our eyes. The happiness neurotransmitter serotonin isn’t released to the same extent if we don’t receive enough light.

An easy way to address this lack of light is to increase lighting levels to lift our mood. Winter, when the nights draw in and it gets dark earlier, is where we typically experience higher levels of melatonin in our body, which can act like a natural sleeping aid. Numerous studies show that effective lighting increases well-being and concentration.

It is of little surprise that increased performance is a benefit of lighting and with this in mind it is no wonder that lighting is recommended by physicians, psychologists and interior architects. Integrating lighting into our workplace can be essential in creating a more positive atmosphere, be it in your home to unwind, or for increased productivity in the workplace.

Questions and answers

  • Is it correct, that certain colours can make us feel well-rested or tired?

    Low light makes us feel tired, yet daylight has an energizing effect.

    The daylight spectrum includes the biologically effective blue range and is considered pleasant. Studies show that light enriched with blue makes us feel particularly active and can even reduce eye strain and headaches.

    A warm-white spectrum relaxes us. The Schlüter LEDs are offered in different light colours (see also: Just how many colours can I choose?).

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