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Light in the bath & more

Rules for moisture-rich rooms (wet cells)

The bathroom is a moisture-rich room (wet cell). When planning the lighting, certain protection measures must be taken into consideration. For the bathroom, these measures have been specified in DIN VDE 0100 Part 701.

This standard differentiates 3 protection areas:

Zone 0

Includes the interior of the bathtub or the shower tub. The Schlüter®-LIPROTEC illumination system, including cabling, can be used in wall or ceiling areas. This means that Zone 0 in moisture-rich rooms (wet cells) is not suitable for the LIPROTEC system.

Zone 1

Is limited by the vertical areas around the bathtub or the shower tub or, if there is no shower tub, the vertical areas at a distance of 120 cm around the shower head in resting position (for example, a shower head on a guide rod).

In both cases, a limit from the finished floor up to a height of 225 cm applies. If the shower head and/or the water drain is higher that the horizontal line of 225 cm, then this height must be used as the limit.

Zone 2

Borders onto Zone 1 at a depth of 60 cm. In Zones 1 and 2, the luminaires must meet at least protection type standard IP 54 (protection against spray water from all directions). If there is any potential of jet water, for example through water jets for massage, then at least the IP 65 protection type standard (protection against jet water from all directions) is required. Our LED strips feature IP 65 protection.

Sources of power must be outside of Zone 2.