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Further information

Types of LED

LIPROTEC offers light effects from warm-white to a sunset scenario by using different LED strips. Regardless of whether you are enthused by a modern spectrum of colours or if you like the traditional neutral-white... The LIPROTEC system suits all moods!

You have the choice between 4 types of light

  • The two white ones

    LED strips LT ES 1-LT ES 6 (they differ in their dimensions and area of application)

    These LEDs are available in the two colour temperatures 3300 Kelvin warm-white and 4500 Kelvin neutral-white

  • The all-rounder

    The LED strip LT ES 9 combines coloured and white LEDs on a single light strip to enable coloured light to be rendered or white light with controllable colour temperature. The LT ES 9 is compatible with the Schlüter®-LIPROTEC-WS, WSQ and WSK profiles for wall projections and also with the Schlüter®-LIPROTEC-LL profile for accent lighting.

That makes sense!

This is why Schlüter®-LIPROTEC-ES LED strips are so good!

  • Our LED strips create an unusually homogenous, intensive impression of light (we achieve this with especially low distances between the diodes).
  • Our LED strips are sealed compliant to IP65 (protection against splash water from all directions).
  • LED strips in the LT ES 5 and LT ES 6 series are sheathed with a shrink tube. For this reason they have an especially low construction height of just 2.2 mm.
  • All other LED strips are completely cast, making them extremely robust and suitable for use in damp rooms.
  • All other LED strips are completely cast, making them extremely robust and suitable for use in damp rooms.
  • All LEDs can be individually cut to length at the marked locations.
  • Cut LED strips can be sealed compliant to IP65 (end caps and adhesive are included in the scope of supply).
  • The light installation is reversible and LED strips can be retroactively replaced.
  • The LED strips are available in lengths 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 cm.

Energy Efficiency Classes

The LED strips comply with energy efficiency class A+ to A.

Products without an energy efficiency class specification are not in the application range of the EU regulation 874/2012.

Download – Energy Efficiency Labels
Additional information

LIPROTEC brochure

Brochure as PDF