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Controlling the light

LED control units

On, off, dimming, changing colour, ultimate control, comfortable and intelligent.

Typical Schlüter quality: we offer high-quality system components even for light control.

How it works: Intelligent receivers are operated via radio button. The receivers control the LED strips, to do so, power supply units convert the mains voltage to the 24 V required for our LED strips.

Since the switching works over radio waves, the expense for the installation and cabling is clearly minimised. The selection of the transmitter depends on the kind of LED strips and/or the receiver used and our experts will be able to advise on which components are needed.


Schlüter®-LIPROTEC-EK – Power supply units!

Reliable power supply units convert the mains voltage to the 24 V required by our LED strips. Our power supply units are easy to install and available in various wattages from 30 - 150 Watt for LED strips of up to 14 m.

Schlüter®-LIPROTEC-ER – Receivers – Receiving and converting

Receivers are available in the following versions:

  • LTER1 (ON - OFF - Dimming) for the control of white LED strips with fixed colour temperature.
  • LTER2 (ON - OFF - Dimming - colour temperature) for the control of white LED strips with adjustable colour temperature (LT ES7). 4 colour temperatures, which can be adjusted individually, if so desired, are pre-programmed at the factory as the basic setting. 
  • LTER3 (ON - OFF - Dimming - colour change) to control coloured LEDs (LT ES 8) in the RGB mode. If so desired, 8 pre-programmed basic colours or 4 colour scenarios can be called up. The basic colours can be adjusted individually. 


Schlüter®-LIPROTEC-EBR is a Bluetooth receiver for controlling up to 9 m of RGB LED strips from the LT ES 8 range via suitable Bluetooth-capable smartphones or tablets. The receiver is operated via the Schlüter® LED-Color-Control app, available both for Android and iOS devices and downloaded for free via the specific App Stores.

Schlüter®-LIPROTEC-E – Switches (transmitters)

LIPROTEC is controlled via radio switches. Therefore, the installation works without cables.

All switches are available in 3 different designs:

  • Real glass, painted bright white
  • Real glass, painted black
  • Stainless steel V4A brushed 

Questions and answers

  • Do I need an electrician for the cabling?

    We also offer complete accessories for the cabling. Particularly practical: The Schlüter®-KERDI- BOARD installation modules with pre-milled cable channels. They can accept the two-part Schlüter®-LTZKK2010 cable channel. The cables are simply inserted into the channel from the front. During the installation the tile setter will route the cable feeds to the individual LED strips. The tile setter can also clamp the individual LED strips together and connect the receiver as well as take care of the connection to the secondary (24 V) electricity supply of the power supply unit. The advantage: No trade must wait for the other.

    However, only an electrician may connect the converter to the power mains.

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