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Light lifts your mood!

Backlit wall panels

The new Schlüter®-LIPROTEC-WSK sets – the easy way to create stylish designs. If you wish to construct a wall panel backlit on both sides, then simply combine our 250 cm length profi le set with accessory sets that enable a construction width of either 70 cm or 128,5 cm. For elements backlit on all sides, profile and accessory sets are available with 120 x 93 cm formats. The desired light colour is determined by selecting the accessory set.

Light lifts your mood!

After determining which format your new wall panel should have, you can then specify the type of light for setting accents: warm white (3300 Kelvin), neutral white (4500 Kelvin) or freely definable coloured light are available. Select what you like from the table below. If control is required in addition to on/off functionality, we recommend the Schlüter®-LIPROTEC transmitter and receiver (not included in the set). Brand-new and really smart: control via Bluetooth and smartphone (iOS / Android).

Profile set for backlit wall panels

The Schlüter® -LIPROTEC-WSK 2500 profile set consists of high quality wall panel profiles with integrated cable duct and diffusion panel with indirect light distribution. The set enables installation of ceramic wall coverings or decorative materials (e.g. mirrors). Backlit wall panels are created in combination with our Schlüter®-LIPROTEC-WSK 700/1285 accessory sets..

Accessory sets for backlit wall panels

The Schlüter® -LIPROTEC-WSK 700/1285 accessory sets, when combined with the Schlüter®-LIPROTEC-WSK 2500 profile set, enable appealing, illuminated wall panels to be assembled with ease. Included components such as the Schlüter®-KERDI-BOARD, the power supply unit, the LED strips, desired light colour and connecting set enable rapid assembly of the backlit wall panel – the KERDI-BOARD tiling substrate is connected to the profi le set simply by bonding and slotting in.

Energy Efficiency Class

The LED strips assembled in the sets comply with energy efficiency class A+ to A.

Products without an energy efficiency class specification are not in the application range of the EU regulation 874/2012.

Download – Energy Efficiency Labels

Questions and answers

  • Is the illumination protected against spray water or jet water?

    LIPROTEC meets all requirements and safety regulations for electrical systems in moisture-rich rooms (wet cells). Our LED strips have been encapsulated to comply with IP 65. This means that LED strips and profiles can be utilised in the bathroom and in other rooms in which the moisture could meet the LED technology.

  • What materials can I use to design a shear wall?

    Glass, mirrors, decorative panels (such as decorations made of wood or picture decorations) as well gypsum plasterboards can be combined with our shear walls.

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